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The Population of Wickwar

WickwarWe’ve done some research into the population of Wickwar which you may be interested to see. The totals below are from 1801 to 1901. We have not found any figures yet for 1911 onwards except that in 2001 the population was 1943 made up of 945 males and 998 woman.

Population Figures – 1801-1901

1801 – 764
1811 – 805
1821 – 919
1831 – 972
1841 – 1125 (The increase in numbers this year is ascribed to the employment of labourers on the railway.)
1851 – 966
1861 – 949
1871 – 902
1881 – 917
1891 – 933
1901 – 905

During the above 100 years the acreage of Wickwar was 2,328 acres. This acreage would now be different due to boundary changes.

As the population of Wickwar was fairly static up to 1901 then I guess that in 1911 there would have been around 920 people resident in the village and about 450 of these would have been men. Today’s larger number is presumably due to the fairly recent housing development.

From the Wickwar ‘Roll of Honour’ we copied there are 162 men listed who served in WWI and at least 21 of these were killed. That is an incredible 36% of all males in the Village and 1/8 of these men gave up their lives.

To their eternal credit the men of Wickwar certainly did their duty in WWI. I wonder if any other village in the UK responded to the same degree as did the men of Wickwar.

Doesn’t it make you feel proud of them?

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